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Welcome to Croydon UNISON

We are the largest Union Branch for staff working in Croydon Council and it partner service providers with around 2,500 members, with Branch Officers, Stewards and Health and Safety Representatives, we are best equipped to look after your interests.

We also have:

  • Our own offices in the Town Hall staffed full time.
  • Representatives in every department to help you with problems at work.
  • Our own Newsletter.
  • Self-Organised Groups dealing with issues relevant to Black, Women, Disabled, Lesbian and Gay Members.

Your union is your ‘Insurance Policy’ - something to have ‘just in case’ - ‘just in case’ of what?


  • Grievances
  • Disciplinaries
  • Job Evaluation claims
  • Reorganisations and Restructures
  • Discrimination or victimisation in the workplace
  • Reorganisations


Croydon UNISON and You - We will consult you and negotiate on your behalf for:


  • Your Health & Safety at work
  • Your Pay
  • Your Conditions  -  hours of work
  • Leave entitlement
  • Maternity/Paternity provision
  • Clothing allowances
  • Allowances - Cars, Subsistence  


Stewards and Health & Safety Representatives within the Branch are trained and have specific skills in dealing with procedures for:


  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Grievances
  • Capability problems
  • Sickness absence                                              
  • …and so much more, e.g., Harassment & Bullying


To locate your local Representative visit our Branch Reps Page


The Role of Croydon UNISON


  • To consult, negotiate and protect – working for your interests.  Where does it all start? 


  • Representation begins in your workplace with your local Steward or Health & Safety Rep.  This will be a colleague who has volunteered to take on this role. They are trained by UNISON to look after your welfare in the workplace.


  • They will also have a role to play at Branch level on issues that affect staff working for the London Borough of Croydon.  Senior Representatives from Croydon UNISON attend the Corporate Staff Consultation Meetings and the Croydon Staff Partnership Panel.  The purpose of these Meetings are to provide a forum for the recognised Trade Unions and Council Officers and Members to consult and negotiate on the introduction of new policies and any changes both locally and nationally to your terms & conditions.


  • Croydon UNISON also sends representatives to UNISON’s Regional and National Committees who in turn elect delegates who along with Full Time Officers meet with the National Employers organisation.


The ‘Fringe Benefits’


In addition to the benefits belonging to Croydon UNISON brings, being a member of UNISON nationally offers you:    


Welfare assistance, cheaper insurance deals, favourable rate loans, holiday accommodation/travel discounts, reduced rate shopping, own pre-paid credit card, financial and debt advice.







If you would like more information about the Branch please contact the Branch Office on 020 8760 5435 or via email at branchoffice@croydonunison.co.uk  alternatively you can download an application form here.