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Black Members in Croydon UNISON is a Self-Organised Group created under the constitution within the trade union of UNISON.  Black Members in Croydon UNISON aims are to promote equality and diversity in the workplace through pay and job opportunities and to prevent racist practices in employment.

The Black Members Group within Croydon Branch was reformed in April 2000, and has been the most active group in London for some years.  We have our own Office in Strand House and our own regular Newsletter.

The Committee meets once a month for one hour to discuss events, issues and cases.  Members on the Committee are:

Eleanor Tracey


Anna Raghunanan  






Isa Makumbi


Kai Pokawa   






Hyacinth Charles

Publicity Officer       

Sonia Miller  

Events/Marketing Officer





We look forward to welcoming you. 

If you would like further information about the Group please contact Anna.raghunanan@croydon.gov.uk or if you are having problems at work and need advice or help, please contact the Branch Office on 020 8760 5435 or via email branchoffice@croydonunison.co.uk your contact will be treated in the strictest confidence.