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Please do not wait until the last minute to contact the Branch Office for help and advice.

If you are called to a meeting and you need advice or representation at the meeting, it is important that you notify us as far in advance as possible so that we can arrange for a Rep to accompany you.

If you work for LB Croydon, please visit our Branch Reps Page, to contact a local Rep in the first instance. If you work for one of our Private Contractors or for the Private Sector then you can also find Representatives to suit your needs on the Branch Reps Page.

UNISON has a qualifying period of membership before we can advise or represent you and before you can access our Legal Services, should that be necessary. In order to access UNISON’s services in regards to representation, you must have been in membership for at least 4 weeks before the incident or problem has occurred.

If you are unable to reach your local Rep, you can contact the Branch Office on 02087 605 435 or xtn 65435 if calling internally. The nature of the work carried out in the Branch Office does sometimes mean that due to attendance of meetings, there may not be someone there to take your call however please make sure you leave a message and a contact number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




The Branch Annual General Meeting was held and was open to ALL members of Croydon UNISON.  This is an important part of Branch democracy and we really appreciate everyone who attended. Yet again, we did not reach quorum.  There were no motions presented to the meeting, however the annual report was presented to the meeting.


The Annual General Meeting was held ON







The purpose of holding two meetings is to provide an opportunity for members to attend whichever is most convenient.



  • Apologies for Absence
  • Note of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd February 2017
  • Matters Arising
  • Branch Secretary’s Report
  • Motions and Rule Changes
  • Annual Report – Which can be Read Here
  • Branch Accounts
  • Election of Branch Officers
  • Election of Stewards and Health and Safety Reps
  • Any Other Urgent Business
















Our Branch Officers and Staff Side Reps have been duly elected (a full list can be found on our Branch Reps Page).


This year Yvonne Green and Kieran Gilmore were elected unopposed as Branch Secretary and Assistant Branch Secretary.



Branch Secretary’s report

Regional Convenor Election

I am pleased to advise that I have been re-elected as the Regional Convenor for the Greater London Region, and will be working with the Deputy Convenor Conroy Lawrence, the Finance Convenor John Gray, the Equalities Convenor Elizabeth Baptise and the Communications Convenor Francesca Hammond.  This is my third year as Regional Convenor and I would like to reassure all members that my commitment to the Branch and the Region remains as high as it has done for the last few years.



The restructuring in every department goes on apace; representatives continue to cover an enormous amount of meetings and to challenge proposals wherever necessary. There have been occasions where we have had to remind managers of the importance of providing the equalities impact assessment on the reorganisations.


National Delegate and Local Government Conference

National Delegate Conference is the Sovereign body of the Union and is UNISON’s “parliament” where delegates from all over the country come together to decide upon the Union’s policies and priorities for the year. Conference takes place every year in June and this year will be held in Brighton from Tuesday 19th June to Friday 22nd June 2018. The number of delegates Branches are able to send is determined on Branch membership numbers and the make up of a delegation is decided upon by using strict criteria in regard to proportionality and fair representation. As well as the National Delegate Conference, other service sectors such as Local Government also meet to discuss debate and vote upon matters that affect their sectors directly. This year the Conference takes place in Brighton (just before National Delegate Conference) from Sunday 17th June to Monday 18th June 2018.





The London Council’s  has made a two-year pay offer from 1st April 2018  - 31st March 2020 for Council, School and other members on National Joint Council (NJC) pay.

UNISON’s NJC Committee is recommended that members reject the offer because it is far less than you need or deserve and less than employers can afford.  However the Committee also believes that only a programme of industrial action which could include all-out, selective and action short or strike action could achieve an improved offer.


For more information on the NJC Pay Claim, Read Here.


Results of Branch Pay Ballot

Thank you for all of you who recently took part in the Branch Pay Ballot. Ballot papers and return envelopes were sent to all members’ home address to vote upon the above. The result of the Branch Pay Ballot was as follows:

62 ballot papers were returned to us by the deadline set. 44 members voted to accept the offer and 18 members voted to reject.




I am pleased to inform members that Croydon Libraries is being run by the Council again to ‘protect jobs’ after Carillion collapsed. Construction Company Carillion announced on Monday January 15th 2018 that it was going into liquidation putting thousands of jobs at risk across multiple sectors. Croydon’s 13 Libraries have been run by Carillion since 2012 and the Council stepped in to secure the long term future of all Croydon Libraries and ‘guarantee the jobs of Library Staff’.  We welcome the action taken by the Council. We are pleased that the council were able to take prompt action to secure the Library service and the jobs of Library staff and our members. The general secretary of our Union Dave Prentis wrote to Carillion members on the 17th January 2018 informing members that the Union was doing everything to address the issues on their behalf to ensure that they would be doing everything to get through this difficult period and we welcome this letter from the General Secretary.




When you move, it’s easy to forget to update us when there are so many other things to get sorted but it is vital we hold a correct current home address for all our members.   If you have moved recently and haven’t informed us of your new address, please contact the Branch Clerical Officer in the Branch Office so your record can be updated.  It is also extremely important that we have the correct email address to ensure proficient communication between the union and our members. We need this information to keep you informed of the issues that affect you and in order that you can take part in any ballot the Branch or the Union nationally holds. 

Alternatively, you can visit UNISON’s National Website http://www.unison.org.uk/ and log into My UNISON, where you are able make any updates yourself.




We are always looking to welcome new Stewards and this could be a role that you might be interested in pursuing.

The Branch can organise full training for you, both from UNISON and the TUC and we would not expect you to carry out any representations or to support colleagues until you had undertaken this training.  Our more experienced Stewards and Officers are on hand and happy to offer you advice and support.  

If you would like to find out more about the role then please contact the Branch Office.


Equal pay  there is widespread pay inequality caused by the outsourcing of services to private companies and the major reviews of public sector pay that have taken place over recent years. If you work for a private company in the public sector and you feel you are paid less than people still employed by the state, UNISON can help you.

Two-tier workforce  it’s not just pay that can be different between the public and private sectors. The terms and conditions offered by private companies are often worse than those in the public sector. Even if workers who transfer from public to private sector have their terms and conditions protected, when those companies employ new people, their terms and conditions are often different. UNISON campaigns to protect our members from the unfairness of a two-tier workforce.

Here in the Branch, our Casework Officer, James Young, supports our private sector members by advising and representing on matters such as Grievance and Disciplinary issues and sickness absence meetings, among others.  If you work in the private sector and would like to join us, please contact the Branch Office on 020 8760 5435.

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