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UNISON provides the broadest range of legal help to union members in the UK. We offer advice and assistance not just with work issues, but for you and your family outside the workplace too.


UNISON has won more than £350 million in compensation for members involved in work-related personal injuries. This includes assaults, industrial diseases and accidents at work, on the way to or from work or on union business.


UNISON members can get free initial legal advice on any matter not related to work from UNISON's solicitors. This service entitles you to receive a 30-minute telephone interview. The service does not apply to advice on a legal action that you are already pursuing or cover Inheritance Tax issues. Members are not entitled to return for advice on the same issue under this scheme. Phone UNISONdirect on 0845 355 0845 for more details.


Download a copy of UNISONís Guide to Legal Services here.


UNISON Welfare Debtline and online Debtclinic

Many people fall into debt at some point in their lives. Sometimes all it takes is a small change in circumstances to tip the balance and turn a manageable situation into a debt problem.

UNISON Welfare are used to helping members who are struggling to cope with the stress and worry of debt. Through our partners at Payplan we can provide you with free and confidential advice to help clear your debts.

With Payplan's debt management plan you get:

  • Reduction of multiple debts to a single payment
  • Choice of payment methods including PayPoint cash option
  • An assigned case officer to call for advice throughout the repayment programme
  • Supported self-help if you prefer
  • A completely free service with no hidden charges

Payplan's debt management plan is paid for by the credit industry so every penny of your repayments goes towards your debts unlike some debt management companies who charge a fee.

This is just one of the ways they can help and you will be offered a solution that best meets your individual circumstances.

Payplan's advisers are aware of the types of grant that UNISON Welfare can offer and will refer you to us if they think we can help to ease your situation.



Contact Details

 Telephone UNISON Welfare Debtline Freephone 0800 389 3302 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm Saturdays.

UNISON Welfare Debtclinic, the online version of our debt advice service, contains advice and debt information and outlines some of the main debt problems. There are also diagnostic tools to help you set up the best recovery plan for your particular problem. Like UNISON Welfare Debtline the service is completely free to UNISON members. www.debtclinic.co.uk/unison





With the UNISON Welfare Monthly Prize Draw you could win cash prizes every month and support UNISON Welfare.UNISON Welfare is a registered charity providing a unique and confidential service just for UNISON members and their families.Every year UNISON Welfare helps thousands of members with grants, well being breaks, free debt advice and support.


You can buy up to a maximum of 10 numbers per month at just £1.00 each.Unlike other prize draws or lotteries you donít have to remember to buy a ticket for each draw.Once you have filled out an application form and direct debit instruction UNISON will collect the money from your bank account and enter your number in each draw.You can cancel or change your direct debit at any time.



To find out more information on how to play Octopus, for Terms and Conditions and to read UNISONís Social Responsibility Policy, visit www.unison.org.uk/octopus.


50% of all ticket revenues will be paid out in prizes and 40% will to UNISON Welfare.Only 10% is used for administrations costs.The first Draw will be held on 6th March 2009


Octopus Lottery is managed by UIA Lottery Management Services Limited.UIA Lottery Management Services is registered as an External Lottery Manager under the Gambling Act 2005 and under the Companies Act No 5448877.Octopus Lottery is registered with the Gambling Commission under licence number 008978.




 Donít forget to check out the deals at UNISONís Holiday Village in Croyde Bay.Visit the website for all the latest offers http://www.croydeunison.co.uk/.



For more information on other benefits available to UNISON Members please visit UNISONís national website http://www.unison.co.uk/


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