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On 17th August the Branch Office will move from its current location on 12th floor, in Taberner House, to the 10th Floor.  The Office will still be on the South Side over looking the flyover, but at the other end of the building towards Fairfield Halls.


The Branch Office will only be closed for as short a time as possible, hopefully we will be up and running again by Tuesday 21st or Wednesday 22nd.  In the meantime we will be putting the telephone numbers of the Convenors (Departmental Leads) on the voicemail for members to contact over this period.  Contact details of all our Stewards, Health & Safety Reps and Branch Officers are of course available on this site on the Branch Directory Page.


If you have had your job evaluated and you are not happy with the outcome you should appeal. 


Also if your post has been evaluated without you even seeing the questionnaire, or being included in any of the process, you should appeal.


How do you appeal?


Step 1 


On receipt of your letter from HR you have 28 days to appeal.  Your letter should contain your scores however if not you will need to ask for a copy.  You should request this from the Single Status Team on:


Helpdesk: 0208 667 8388

Email: single.status@croydon.gov.uk

Address to write to: Single Status, 8th Floor, Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 3JS


Step 2


You need an appeal form which is on the intranet (hidden deeply within the Single status information) or from our website here.  You will also need a copy of the conventions, also obtainable from the intranet or from our website.


Step 3


You will need to identify the areas you wish to challenge (i.e. the area in which you feel you should have scored higher) and write down why you feel you should have scored more.


TIP - The two areas we feel members may achieve better scores are:


Supervision/Management of People (i.e. from level 1 to level 2)

Work Context (i.e. level 1 to level 2)


Obviously there may be other factors of your job that would score you higher in other areas.


Step 4


You need to contact your local Steward (details can be found on our Branch Directory and ask them to assist you in your appeal.  With your Stewards assistance you should complete the form and a covering letter and submit it to the Single Status Team.  You may wish to deliver this in person to the address above.


Step 5


Hopefully you will then be contacted and a hearing arranged.  You should liaise with your Steward to ensure you can both make the hearing.  If this is not possible you are entitled to request it is held at a mutually convenient date and time.


In some cases some of our reps may have sat on the panel setting the grade, if this is the case we will have to find you an alternative representative.  This should not cause any problems


The Branch Secretary, Malcolm Campbell, will be sitting on appeal panels so will not be able to represent at appeals.




If you require any further information please call your departmental lead:


Anna Raghunanan


xtn 61115

Iteen Stephens

Finance & Resources

xtn 88336

Eleanor Tracey

Social Services

xtn 62167

James Young


xtn 62673

Malcolm Campbell 

Policy & Corporate Services

xtn 65435

Laurie Pocock

Planning & Transportation

xtn 62648

Mervyn D’Cruze

CYPL (Education)

xtn 65435


Or the Branch Office on 8760 5435 or 65435 at Taberner House.


For the latest on Single Status please visit our updated page here.




We have now completed the consultative ballot in the Branch, and the result is that approximately 89% of those responding wish to reject the paltry 2% offer.  The turnout was approximately 27%, which isn’t a bad level compared to most UNISON votes, but does leave me wondering whether 73% of our membership really don’t care how much they get paid!


I’m sure the voting figures will be similar around the country and that we will shortly be conducting a formal industrial action ballot in order to force the employers to make a decent offer.


The result of the formal ballot has now been released.  97.1% of those voting opted to accept and 2.1% to reject.


171,145 members voted out of approximately 850,000 – a turnout of approximately 20%.


Although the result is overwhelming, I still think that it’s a great pity the national leadership chose to emphasise only the positive aspects of the new scheme and didn’t mention the disadvantages at all.  At a Regional level, there is a high level of dissatisfaction with the actions of the Regional Secretary, who decreed that branches couldn’t recommend a “No” vote, even if they had an existing policy to reject the scheme!

The Government Regulations on the Scheme can still be found on the Pension Update Page

You can also log-on to the UNISON National Website www.unison.co.uk for more information. 



8 of our intrepid members faced the elements to work as Beer Servers for the Workers Beer Company at the Glastonbury Festival. Instead of receiving pay for all their hard work, the Workers Beer Company reimburse the Branch.  All the money they earned will be donated to the Branch and this will help to boost our coffers.  A big thank you to all of them - here’s a report from Julie O’Maley:





From left to right- Darron Ward, Duncan Turner, Sam McDade, Julie O’Maley, Beverley Holdsworth,

Anola Chase, Jan Walaskowski, and Ellie O’Maley


Scene One:

Croydon UNISON arrive clean, rested, lively and happy looking forward to a good weekend.  They discover Village Marquee for Workers Beer Tent staff – free food and a bar and the hugeness of the site.  All Croydon workers are lovely and get on really well.



Scene Two:

Wake up next morning to discover that overnight the site has turned into sea of mud!   They go to see lots of bands and acts all over site and work extremely hard on first shift.  Arrive back at the village, shattered, but happy to have got lots of drinks vouchers due to the lateness of the crew behind the bar and Bev’s negotiating skills.



Scene Three:

More mud – more rain – more mud – more bands etc.  Laugh at people falling down in mud then get laughed at for doing same!

More of same fun. Croydon staff show rest of country how to party in beer tent … (censored).


Scene Four:

Hangover staff appear from tent with rest of site now recognising them due to behaviour the night before!  More rain – more mud – more bands etc – moan about leaving at unreasonable time of the morning - drink to console themselves.  Interesting thunderstorm with the wettest rain ever - start to think about houses with showers and central heating!


Scene Five:

Dripping onto bus home – three smug devils in car – back to civilisation.




Unfortunately Mervyn D’Cruze was the only person from the Branch who managed to attend this year.  Having previously been once before with Malcolm Campbell, Branch Secretary, he thoroughly recommends this annual event to all Croydon UNISON Branch members especially those who enjoy camping, music and beer with a trade union flavour.


Among the artists to appear were Billy Bragg and Chumbawamba and Tony Benn was one of the guest speakers.


Mervyn met up with fellow trade unionists from the Lambeth branch and the Branch Secretary from Harringey, who helped Mervyn carry the banner.




We are pleased to inform you that we have negotiated for the Branch members the chance to use the bar facilities at the Labour & Trade Union Club at Ruskin House, Coombe Road for the time being.  In order for you to be able to use this Club please take your UNISON membership card with you.


We are still in discussions with Croydon Council over the possibility of a new club and we will update you on the progress of these negotiations at an appropriate time.  Don’t forget, we are still seeking your views on what you would like to see included in the new club, if you’ve any items you’d like included on the “wish list” please contact the Club Secretary, Phil Young at phil.young@croydon.gov.uk.


We are hoping to hold monthly Quiz Nights at Ruskin House with effect from August or September – further details to follow.





You can still read the Annual Report here.


If you would like more information please contact our Disabled Members Officers, Kay Kakad at kaushalya.kakad@croydon.gov.uk


Our Young Persons Officer, Ellie O’Maley is leaving Croydon Council to take up a university placement so the post has now become vacant.  If you are 26 or under and are interested in taking up this position please contact the Branch Office at branchoffice@croydonunison.co.uk for further details.  We’d like to wish Ellie every success for the future.


We are always looking for more members to get actively involved in the Branch. There are many areas where members don't have a local Steward.

So - if you would like to get more involved in the Branch and its decision making, take part in negotiations with management and represent members, why not become a Steward or Health and Safety Rep?

We won't throw you in at the deep end. There are many courses available that are organised through the TUC or UNISON and they run throughout the year. You will also have the support of the Branch Office. Time off for full training is available, please contact the Branch Office for more details or e-mail branchoffice@croydonunison.co.uk


Please let us know in the Branch Office if you have changed your address, either by phone on 8760-5435 or via e-mail to branchoffice@croydonunison.co.uk it’s important we keep your records up to date so that you are fully informed on matters that could affect you.

If you are prepared to be a workplace contact for us, which involves handing out UNISON information, Newsletters etc to your fellow UNISON members again please let us know in the Branch Office.

We want to make sure all our members are informed on what's happening in the Branch.