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24th March 2006




UNISON is calling all members out on strike on 28th March in defence of the Local Government Pension Scheme along with 11 other trade unions.


Picket lines will be at most major workplaces, if you wish to organise one at your workplace contact the Branch Office on 020 8760 5435 (or x 65435 internal) before midday on Monday 27th March.


We will be holding a picket at Taberner House from 7.30 am till around 10.30 am after which it is planned to adjourn to the UNISON Social Club, Chatsworth Road for refreshments.


All our members have been sent a copy of the latest Pension Special Newsletter to home addresses, we have had to do this as we are not permitted to use the Councilís internal mail or email system to instruct our members to take strike action.Also not everyone has access to email or the internet.


If youíre about to go on Maternity Leave or will be retiring in the next 12 months then we will grant an exemption but you must apply to the Branch Office on the number above or email on branchoffice@croydonunison.co.uk. Other exemptions need to be approved by UNISONís Regional Office.Unless youíve had it confirmed directly from the Branch Office then you havenít been granted an exemption.


At a meeting this morning (24th March) Malcolm Campbell, Branch Secretary, received unconditional commitment from Pam Parkes, Head of Human Resources and Councillors that there will be NO victimisation of those taking strike action, including those members currently serving their probationary period.


Members who are due to attend training courses on 28th March should take the strike action and not attend.However if non-attendance would result in anyone not receiving an essential qualification then they should ask the Branch Office to consider an exemption.


Anyone who is granted an exemption should donate their dayís pay to the Hardship Fund to help support those who are taking the action who need financial assistance to do so and those who take selective action in the future.Please send a cheque payable to Croydon UNISON Hardship Fund, to the Branch Office, Room 12.10 Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon CR9 3JS




There will be a Rally at 2.00 pm in Westminster Central Hall with refreshments available from 1.30 pm.All those wishing to attend should meet at the UNISON Social Club at by midday.The Branch will cover travel expenses for all those who wish to go along.