Can you answer the following………..

1.           Is the local government scheme

a)             A money purchase scheme?

b)             A fully funded final salary scheme?

c)              A career average scheme?

d)             An unfunded final salary scheme?

2.           What effect does this have on negotiations and/or perceptions?

3.           How many active members (ie not yet retired, and not with frozen pensions) are there in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LPGS)?

4.           Who is covered by the LGPS?

5.           What is the maximum pension anyone on the scheme can receive (including lump sum conversion)?

a)           1/2 of final earnings

b)           2/3 of final earnings

c)            4/5 of final earnings

d)           100% of final earnings

6.           Is the local government scheme discriminatory on the grounds of:-

a)             Gender?

b)             Race?

c)              Age?

d)             Disability?

e)             Sexuality?

f)               Marital status?

g)             None of the above?

(Please tick all which apply)

7.           Put these reasons for the increase in deficit In descending order, depending on their contribution:-

a)                The retirement age being kept at 60

b)                Pension holidays

c)                 Poor investment returns

d)                Low employer contributions

8.           What is the rule of 85?

a)             A rule which gives you the right, if you qualify, to retire between the ages of 60 and 65 with an unreduced pension?

b)             A rule which does not allow you to retire until you are 85.


c)              A rule which gives you the right to retire, with an unreduced pension, when your years of pensionable service + your age add up to 85?

9.                 What is the maximum employees contribution:-

a)    7%

b)    10%

c)     15%

d)    20%

e)    no limit

10.             What percentage of LGPS members are women?

11.             What is the average LGPS pension?

12.             What is the average women’s LGPS pension?

13.             Are these average LGPS pensions above or below the pension credit level?

14.             What contribution does:-

a)                The employer pay

b)                The employee pay

15.             Will proposed changes affect:-


a)                Current paying (Live) scheme members?

b)                Future scheme members?

c)                 Retired scheme members?

d)                Scheme members with deferred (frozen) benefits?

e)                Scheme members seeking ill health retirement?

16.             What changes to the LGPS are the government currently proposing?