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The Branch held two Single Status meetings on 17th May in Rees House and on 18th May in the Friends Meeting Hall.  A summary of what was discussed at both those meetings is available here but events have moved on since that meeting. 


Below is the latest news from the last Single Status Meeting held 12th June 2007.


Employers Response to Trade Union Proposal


The Trade Union Side had proposed:


1.         Staff upgraded in Single Status Job Evaluation process to be placed at point of new grade they would have reached if they had been on that grade originally.


2.         Protection for those downgraded to be 2 years.


3.         Lifetime protection of existing enhancements for Saturday working for all current staff.


The Employers response was:


1.         Staff upgraded to be placed on bottom point of grade.  However back pay will be based on the difference between pay in the past and the pay for the new grade now (not what the new grade was in the past).  This would seem to be advantageous, as the pay awards over the last 6 years amount to more than two increments (some other authorities are calculating it on historic pay rates for the new grades and many are not offering 6 years back pay).


2.         Protection of those downgraded for only one year.


3.         Lifetime protection of Saturday enhancements for staff who currently work on Saturday.  It was pointed out by Pam Parkes that Departments had been asked whether there were any plans to ask people to work on Saturdays who didn’t already do so.  There were no current plans for this (although we can’t take that as an absolute guarantee of course!).


It was stressed that the protection for Saturday enhancements would only be offered on the basis of acceptance of the other two points.


There was also an issue regarding the implementation date.  If this were set at 1st April 2007 it would be advantageous for those upgraded, as they’d be on the new grade from April this year, and therefore get backdating from 1st April 2001.  However it would be disadvantageous to anyone downgraded, because their protection would only last until 1st April 2008.


If the date were set as 1st April 2008, the reverse would be true.


Pam Parkes has suggested that a possible compromise would be to have the implementation date as 1st October 2007.


The initial response from the Trade Union Side to all of the above was that we weren’t at this stage rejecting it (although it’s far from perfect) but would need to consult with our Reps before deciding whether to recommend the offer to members (we’re also awaiting further info on a number of points).


Other points raised:


Job Evaluations


Apparently the majority of staff whose jobs have been evaluated will have no change to their grading, and more staff have been upgraded than downgraded.  Therefore, contrary to some of the rumours circulating, a small minority have been downgraded (and this will of course be subject to appeal if those concerned so wish).


Back Pay


There is an issue about whether this will be subject to tax and National Insurance.  Management are looking into this.