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SINGLE STATUS – 12th October Update

The Council’s proposals have been considered by UNISON’s Legal Department and Heads of Local Government and we’ve had agreement that a ballot of members can now be undertaken.  The ballot started on Thursday 11th October.  We are mindful that mail deliveries are being upheld due to the Postal Strikes but members should receive their ballot papers during the week commencing 15th October if not earlier.


Enclosed with your ballot paper is a full set of the Council’s proposals and a letter from our Regional Officer in which she sets out UNISON’s recommendations.  Please take time to read the letter and the proposals.  YOUR VOTE IS REALLY IMPORTANT as it will influence the decision on whether we can reach a collective agreement with the Council.


The ballot closes at midday on 2nd November 2007 please remember that there may be delays with the post so post your ballot paper directly after you’ve read the associated correspondence and cast your vote.


As previously reported the main points of the proposals are:




Croydon are only prepared to offer this for a 12 month period following implementation. The legal advice until a recent court decision was that protection longer than 12 months could perpetuate inequality.  That position has now changed and the Joint Unions will be asking management to revisit the Protection arrangements within the proposals.


Back Pay


A maximum of 6 years back pay will be paid for staff in posts that had been upgraded following the Job Evaluation process.  Subject to a collective agreement being reached the implementation date for back pay will be 1st April 2007.  Compensation payments will be worked out for individuals and paid over a phased period commencing in December.


Working Week and Premium Payments


Overtime and premium payments (Mon – Sat) will be paid at time and a third x salary (including London Weighting) as opposed to time and a half x salary (not including London Weighting) at present.  Overtime and premium payments for Sundays will be at 1¾ x salary (including London Weighting) as opposed to 2 x salary (not including London Weighting) currently.


Current staff paid enhancements for working on Saturdays will have these protected (although it will be at the new rate).  New staff and current staff who don’t work on Saturdays at the present time will not receive enhancements if they’re required to work on Saturdays in the future.


Bonus Payments


These will all be abolished.  The Highways DSO Bonus Scheme will be the subject of a “buy out”.  Negotiations regarding this have yet to happen and the members concerned will be fully consulted once an offer is made.


Market Supplements


These have all yet to be reviewed.


Miscellaneous Allowances


These are still under discussion.


Performance, Development and Competency Scheme


We have never agreed to the introduction of this scheme (because of the sanctions applied within it) and are therefore opposed to it forming part of the proposals.


Malcolm Campbell, Branch Secretary, has written to staff, encouraging members to vote you can read his letter here.


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