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Most people have now completed the Job Evaluation process, but some are still awaiting the result of their appeal and others haven’t even been evaluated yet.


Two Signing Days have been held for people to be given their cheques for back pay, and three more are planned for the 27th, 28th and 29th  February.


Where people have been downgraded, they haven’t received the 2007 Pay Award, as they are now on “mark-time” protection.  Those who are still awaiting an appeal against downgrading or who haven’t yet been evaluated have also not received the Pay Award, although they will do so if the eventual outcome of their evaluation is not a downgrading. 


It’s not surprising that some people are extremely unhappy about the outcome for them of the Single Status process.  No-one is going to feel that a downgrading is justified, and when this also entails not receiving the pay award and a protection period of only one year then it’s even more galling.  We have requested that the Council reconsider their position on protection and they are due to respond to us at the next of our weekly Single Status meetings on 22nd January 2008.


Added to this, there are some people who have received the Pay Award who shouldn’t have. Some of these work alongside colleagues who haven’t received it. We’re still waiting to find out what will be done about this (the terms of our Collective Agreement mean that the Council can’t claw back any overpayment regarding the 2007 Pay Award).  In our opinion the only fair way to resolve this would be to give everyone the pay rise, but Pam Parkes, Head of HR & OD, has made it clear that this will not happen.


We have now been told that it seems unlikely that the Council will be in a position to move people on to their new grades by the February pay-date.  They are talking about this now being done in April, but we have said that this is completely unacceptable, because if the compensatory back pay is included in people’s pay next year, it will have implications for their tax and pension.


This might seem surprising, given that people have received letters this week (beginning 14th January) informing them that they would move on to the new grades in February.  Unfortunately these letters were dated 14th December but not posted until a month later!  By which time we’d already been informed that the February deadline was unlikely to met. 


We continue to meet with the Single Status Project Team every Tuesday morning, and it’s worth noting that we have made progress on certain issues. 


These include the treatment of those on career grades.  Originally we were told that people on these grades would not be entitled to back pay in the event of an upgrading.  After some discussion it has been agreed that back pay will be awarded where the new higher grade is still a career grade.  Cases where a career grade is replaced by a fixed grade are still under discussion, as there is an issue about why this has happened within the Single Status process.


We were also successful in persuading HR to calculate people’s back pay based on the exact number of days service between April 1st 2001 and April 1st 2007.  They had originally planned to round up or down to the nearest full year – this would have meant, for instance, that someone who had worked for Croydon for two years and 5 months prior to April 1st 2007 would only have received two years back pay!


Back Pay


Letters are being sent out from HR to all those who have been upgraded within the Single Status process.  They will be asked to contact HR and book a time to attend Taberner House to receive their back pay.  They will have to sign a COT3 agreement, whereby they give up their right to make further Equal Pay claims. 


The first Signing Days were held on 17th and 18th December.  There will be further Signing Days on 27th, 28th and 29th February.




All those who are downgraded will be protected until April 2008.  As this is from April 2007 and on a “mark time” basis, they won’t receive the 2007 pay award but will receive the 2008 pay award.


The vast majority of jobs have now been evaluated but there are still a number to be completed.  If you have had your job evaluated and you are not happy with the outcome you should appeal. 


How do you appeal?


Step 1 


On receipt of your letter from HR you have 28 days to appeal.  Your letter should contain your scores however if not you will need to ask for a copy.  You should request this from the Single Status Team on:


Helpdesk: 0208 667 8388

Email: single.status@croydon.gov.uk

Address to write to: Single Status, 8th Floor, Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 3JS


Step 2


You need an appeal form which is on the intranet (hidden deeply within the Single status information) or from our website here.  You will also need a copy of the conventions, also obtainable from the intranet or from our website.


Step 3


You will need to identify the areas you wish to challenge (i.e. the area in which you feel you should have scored higher) and write down why you feel you should have scored more.


Step 4


You should complete the Appeal Form (please bear in mind that your line manager is required to sign this) and a covering letter and submit it to the Single Status Team.  You may wish to deliver this in person to the address above.  If you require assistance to complete the form you should contact your local Steward (details can be found on our Branch Directory).  If you don’t have a local Steward then you should contact your Departmental Convenor (details below).


Once your letter has been submitted an Appeals Panel will be convened to consider your submission.  Contrary to our initial expectations you won’t be automatically invited to this meeting although you may be requested to attend if the panel require clarification.  You will then be informed of the decision.


Contacts – Departmental Convenors


If you require any further information please call your departmental lead:


Anna Raghunanan


xtn 61115

Iteen Stephens

Finance & Resources

xtn 88336

Eleanor Tracey

Social Services

xtn 62167

James Young


xtn 62673

Malcolm Campbell 

Policy & Corporate Services

xtn 65435

Laurie Pocock

Planning & Transportation

xtn 62648

Mervyn D’Cruze

CYPL (Education)

xtn 65435


Or the Branch Office on 8760 5435 or 65435 at Taberner House.



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