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We had the latest consultation meeting on 3rd July, where we considered the latest proposals from management.  We suggested several amendments, most of which were accepted by Pam Parkes.


Main Points of Management’s Proposals:


Protection - Only for a 12 month period following implementation.


Back Pay – Maximum of 6 years.  If you were in a job within that time that is upgraded within the Single Status process but are now in a different job, you are entitled to back pay, but it will be up to you to inform management that this is the case.


Working Week and Premium Payments – Overtime and premium payments (Mon – Sat) will be paid at 1 x salary (including London Weighting) as opposed to 1½ x salary (not including London Weighting) at present.  Overtime and premium payments for Sundays will be at 1¾ x salary (including London Weighting) as opposed to 2 x salary (not including London Weighting) currently.


As the new rate is a lower rate based on a higher salary, it is unlikely to be significantly different to the current payment.


Current staff who receive enhancements for working on Saturdays will have these protected (although it will be at the new rate).  New staff and current staff who don’t work on Saturdays at the present time will not receive enhancements if they’re required to work on Saturdays in the future.


Bonus Payments – All to be abolished.  The Highways DSO Bonus Scheme to be the subject of a “buy out”.


Market Supplements – To be reviewed.


Miscellaneous Allowances – Still under discussion.


Performance, Development and Competency Scheme – Included as part of these proposals.  We are NOT in agreement regarding this scheme.


The Council has also produced an Equality Impact Assessment of the proposals which I will be forwarding to our Regional Officer so that this can be examined by UNISON nationally.