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SINGLE STATUS – October Update

Croydon’s proposals and the Equality Impact Assessment they’ve provided has been forwarded to UNISON’s Regional Office for their view as to whether it's legally acceptable.  We are still waiting for their response but have come under pressure from the Employers to undertake a ballot by 19th October.  They have threatened to impose the proposals as they stand if we don’t comply, but it should be remembered that they appear to be prepared to do that even if the outcome of the ballot is a rejection.  Obviously we are doing all that we can to ensure that members get a chance to vote on the proposals.  


As previously reported the main points of the proposals are:




Croydon are only prepared to offer this for a 12 month period following implementation. Their stance is based upon legal advice that a longer protection  period would  be viewed as discriminatory in law. However a recent court case has undermined this stance, and we will be pointing this out to them.


Back Pay


A maximum of 6 years for those upgraded in the Job Evaluation process. My understanding from the consultation process was that members who changed jobs within the Council within the last 6 years and whose original job has been upgraded would be entitled to back pay. However at the recent Single Status briefings Pam Parkes said that this was not the case and that only those who changed jobs since last September would be entitled to claim. I’m attempting to find a record of discussions that would support my memory of them.


Working Week and Premium Payments


Overtime and premium payments (Mon – Sat) will be paid at time and a third x salary (including London Weighting) as opposed to time and a half x salary (not including London Weighting) at present.  Overtime and premium payments for Sundays will be at 1¾ x salary (including London Weighting) as opposed to 2 x salary (not including London Weighting) currently.


Current staff who receive enhancements for working on Saturdays will have these protected (although it will be at the new rate).  New staff and current staff who don’t work on Saturdays at the present time will not receive enhancements if they’re required to work on Saturdays in the future.


I'm also arguing at the moment about the fact that they don't propose to pay anything extra for working at night on Saturday or Sunday. In other words, if you work between 7pm and midnight on a Sunday, you'll be paid exactly the same as someone doing the same job between (say) 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. How fair is that? It seems rather strange that they’re prepared to pay an enhancement to people working between 7.00 pm and 7.00 am during the week but not at weekends!


Bonus Payments


These will all be abolished.  The Highways DSO Bonus Scheme will be the subject of a “buy out”.  Negotiations regarding this have yet to happen and the members concerned will be fully consulted once an offer is made.


Market Supplements


These have all yet to be reviewed.


Miscellaneous Allowances


Still under discussion.


Performance, Development and Competency Scheme


We have never agreed to the introduction of this scheme (because of the sanctions applied within it) and are therefore opposed to it forming part of the proposals.


We have indicated that we are unlikely to recommend that UNISON members accept the proposals as they stand.  This was in light of the lack of enhancements for current staff asked to work on Saturdays in the future who don’t do so currently, and the inclusion of the Performance Development and Competency Scheme in the proposals.


The issue of staff being asked to work at night, at the weekend for the same pay as those working during the day has arisen since we adopted that stance, and reinforces our view of the proposals. The recent legal ruling regarding protection also mitigates against our viewing of this as anything other than a bad deal for our members.


It seems almost certain that the Council will run true to recent form and attempt to impose their proposals if we don’t agree to them.

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