Panel Discussion with ELT Thursday 23rd July 2020

Yvonne Green, Branch Secretary attended the online Panel discussion with ELT hosted by Jo Negrini. There were over 850 staff in attendance. A number of questions were raised by Yvonne and other UNISON members.

Questions included :

  1. Why is there a need to make cuts immediately, would it not be better to wait to see if money is allocated from Central Government. The consultation suggests we are receiving £33 million  less as an outer-London borough despite having inner-London pressures. Can we make the case to MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) to redefine us as inner London  and so bridge the gap ? The consultation also inferred that the council were expecting further funding for COVID19 from Central Government.
  2. Some staff feel that the cuts were not all down to COVID19 and that the council were already in debt before this.
  3. By making large staff cuts how will that affect those left dealing with service delivery. How will staff be safe guarded from being overloaded with work?
  4. By staff continuing to work from home, can savings be made on reducing the need for buildings as roles can be carried out at home ?
  5. Concerns were raised over the cuts in services including Gateway, children’s services and the ERT (Emergency Response Team).