Extension of deadline to apply for voluntary redundancy or reduced hours – Staff Review 2020

Email from Yvonne Green to Jo Negrini, Chief Executive, including Sue Moorman, Director of HR and department heads

Dear colleagues,

The current staffing review includes a deadline of 31 July to apply for voluntary redundancy (VR) or reduced hours. A number of staff in scope have not yet had their 1:1s and have not been provided with a description of what redeployment to another role may look like. On that basis many staff in scope are not able to make informed decisions.

There is a view amongst members that expressing an interest in VR will  push them down the priority list for redeployment so they are reluctant to apply without being in possession of all the information.

Flexibility on the 31 July deadline will ensure we make we most of the VR scheme.  We can discuss at tomorrow’s meeting and apologies for the lateness of the email.

Kind Regards


Yvonne Green

Branch Secretary,

and Unison Regional Convenor,

Greater London Region