COVID 19 Update

COVID19 Update

This week new lockdown rules were announced to come into effect from Thursday 5th November and will last  for the next four weeks for London and across England as a whole.

From this date the government’s advice is that all workers in England who can work effectively at home must do so.

However, it appears that schools and colleges will still remain open this time but non-essential shops and services will close.

The branch has received a large number of queries about COVID19 since March 2020 including issues relating to shielding, lack of PPE and social distancing issues in schools and other work places.

Please remember by following these simple steps you can help stop the spread of coronavirus and keep Croydon safe:

Hands – Face – Space – Get Tested

Visit and for the latest government guidance and local information.

Please find time to download the new free NHS COVID19 app on your mobile phone as part of the Test and Trace Service if you have not already done so.

Also visit if you have any concerns with work issues relating to COVID19 or contact us at the branch.