Croydon UNISON response to approval of government loan to Croydon Council

Croydon UNISON response by Yvonne Green to Hamida Ali, leader of Croydon Council and Katherine Kerswell, CEO after the approval of a government loan to Croydon Council.

Dear Hamida and Katherine,

Unison notes that the Government have approved Croydon’s request for a capitalisation direction (a loan) of £70million, so that Croydon can balance this year’s budget (2020/21), as well as £50 million to help balance next year’s (2021/22) budget along with the savings to be made and to deliver the Croydon Renewal Plan.

It is very sad that Croydon is in this position and it is very sad that so many jobs have been lost and services cut so far.

Croydon residents are paying for this mismanagement of finances by having their services cut and many staff have paid by losing their jobs or the staff left will be expected to deliver the same outcomes with less resources.

Staff are loyal, dedicated, passionate and committed to delivering a good service, however, staff morale is at an all-time low, with work demands increasing and any further cuts by Croydon must not compromise the health and wellbeing of staff.

Staff must not be expected to pay for this any further. The Council must look at alternative ways to make savings that avoid any further cuts to jobs.

Staff need security and residents need stability. Neither can thrive under a constant threat of cuts.

More still needs to be done to rebuild the trust of staff and to make the Council a truly inclusive employer who treats everyone fairly and equally.

That must be the focus moving forward, not more suggestions of job losses.

Yvonne Green

Branch Secretary Croydon Unison