“A Fairer Deal for Croydon” Campaign & Petition

Croydon UNISON launched “a Fairer deal for Croydon” campaign in March 2021.

Croydon UNISON have also launched a petition today to back our campaign which we would like all our members and any other interested parties to sign.

Please follow the link below:


The branch has contacted both Sarah Jones, Croydon Central MP and Steve Reed Croydon North MP asking for their support. Sarah Jones has campaigned for fairer funding for Croydon previously.

Croydon UNISON are currently in discussion with management about the Levelling Up Fund launched by the government this year and Croydon’s participation in it.

Croydon being an outer London borough, receive £200 per head less than the inner London borough of Lambeth from central funds. This accounts for around £70 million which is equivalent to the council deficit for the year ending 2020/21.

Local councils have faced over 11 years of government austerity causing significant cuts in a number of communities particularly Croydon. The gap between rich and poor has widened. The use of food banks has increased, while in-work poverty is escalating and with cuts to social welfare benefits, families have been left in financial difficulties. In some cases, having to choose to feed their children or pay the bills. This is not acceptable and due to this lack of funding many of our residents’ needs are going unmet and are facing ongoing hardship.

Croydon UNISON feel that Croydon should have a fairer share of funding from central government especially as the Croydon borough now has one of the highest levels of needs. This is in part due to lower paid people moving out of inner London due to the high cost of accommodation and other living costs, putting more pressure on the borough. Croydon has a population of over 380,000, the second highest of the all the London boroughs, again putting pressure on all services especially housing, education and social services.

We are asking for “a Fairer Deal for Croydon” and that the fair funding review of local government postponed due to both Brexit and COVID19 will be restarted as soon as possible and that Croydon and its residents will benefit from its findings.

Please support us my signing our petition today!

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