Pay Review 2020/21

Pay Review 2021/22:

The UNISON NJC Committee met on 5 October 2020 to consider the contents of the NJC pay claim for 2021/22, as well as the process for consulting members. This circular sent out by the branch already sets out the issues the Committee discussed, before explaining the process for the consultation of members.

The Committee have formulated three options for the ‘headline’ claim for the 2021/22 pay claim. Rather than simply propose one option, the Committee is keen to get a clear picture of members’ views and preferences. Branches are asked to consult members on the following three options:

OPTION A: 5% or a £10 an hour pay rate, whichever is greater

If NJC pay at the bottom is to reach two-thirds median earnings, by 2024, it needs to rise by 3.25%.

OPTION B: 8% or a £10 an hour pay rate, whichever is greater

For those on spinal column point 1, an increase of around 8% is needed to reach a £10 an hour pay rate. Option B demands 8% for everyone, but again with a fallback position of a £10 an hour pay rate, if that would be greater.


Option C demands a 10% pay increase for everyone, a repeat of the 2020 headline

Please note the voting deadline is by 12pm Monday 16th November 2020.

Pay Review Update 2020/21: Just to remind members that the NJC pay claim was agreed and that the 2.75% 2020/21 pay award should be included in members December pay and a back dated payment from April 2020.

Pay review:  The NJC pay claim for 2020/21 is still currently under review with the Local Government Association. The current offer of 2.75% was sent out to branches for consideration, the Croydon branch recommended its acceptance due to the current financial times. The region has been asked to run a ballot, branches will be written to and the results need to be submitted by the 11th August 2020 The survey will be conducted by GIZMO- watch this space.